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Technical support services

Product advice

Choosing the best column for a particular assay is increasingly complex even for experienced chromatographers. We sell over 10,000 products, including numerous HPLC silica based column ranges and phases. We also offer alternative base materials including polymer, titania, zirconia and graphite. Plus we’re up to the minute with new technologies such as UHPLC, superficially porous, hybrid, monolithic, TYPE-C Silica and mixed-mode columns.

Our scientists will offer you free advice, so that you can select the best columns for your needs. We’re knowledgeable about the full range and can give you information on the leading brands and technologies available.

We will use our practical experience in manufacturing and evaluating columns, and our comprehensive library of product literature, to provide you with informed, current and impartial advice. 

This is a fast moving market but we’re up to date with all the new products, trends and techniques – and we’ll give you free, impartial advice.”

Dave - Technical Specialist

Please contact us for product advice

Technical troubleshooting

We’re here to save you time – and a few grey hairs – so if something’s puzzling you, then just contact our Technical Support team. Our experienced troubleshooters will provide you with support and advice on any of our products. Whether you have questions or problems with method reproducibility, impurity peaks, sample cleanliness, method transfer, scale-up or any other area of chromatography, you can rely on our experts for a quick and helpful response.

Please contact us now for technical troubleshooting

It’s so frustrating when your column or HPLC system doesn’t perform as you’d expect. We’re good at problem solving and just calling us can save you a lot of time and stress.”

Julie - Technical Administration Manager

Hichrom will keep you up to date with the latest developments in the industry, so that you can be amongst the first to benefit from the advances in technology.  Hichrom can also advise you on the latest products and best practices within the industry.

Column sourcing and supply

 We will ensure that your laboratory has everything you need – when you need it. Our team will source and supply the columns that you require and in most cases they’ll be on their way to you within 24 hours.

 We supply most of the world’s leading liquid chromatography column brands and accessories to customers including many leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry, many universities and other industries. We work closely with the key manufacturers and have excellent relationships and partnerships with a wide range of column producers all over the globe.

Please contact us now with your sourcing and supply requirements.

We know the market inside out and can source even the most obscure columns and accessories. Plus we’ll tell you if there are alternatives out there that might do an even better job.”

Julie S - Technical Administration Manager

Column lifetime advice

How long your column will last is an important consideration for any analyst – and it pays to ensure that it’s as long as possible. No column lasts forever but we can provide you with the right advice to ensure that you don’t need to replace columns unnecessarily. This will save you time and money – and all you need to do is contact us for completely free advice.

Hichrom offers advice and support on all HPLC/UHPLC column lifetime issues, including the use of modified silica technologies, column protection, column storage and column usage conditions.

Please contact us now with your questions on column lifetime

We’ll offer you advice on maximising the lifespan of your columns to save you time and money.”

Gemma H – Technical Specialist

New developments

Separation science is a fast-moving growth industry and we can advise you on the latest techniques and technologies including SFC, GC, SPE, TLC, Flash, CE, LC-MS and GC-MS.

We’ll provide you with free technical support and advice, whatever area of chromatography you’re interested or involved in.

Please contact us now with your questions on new developments within chromatography

The chromatography world is constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on being up to date. So if you need advice on the latest products or techniques, just get in touch. "

Rachel L - Product Manager.