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Column packing and custom packed columns


Extensive range of dimensions and silicas

 Hichrom is a world leading manufacturer of HPLC and UHPLC columns. We have unrivalled experience in the production of superior quality columns, in an extensive range of dimensions from capillary to preparative. If you can’t find the product you need in our ecatalogue LINK, then please contact our technical experts. We will try and source it for you or we can discuss creating a custom packed column that meets all your requirements.

 Please contact us now to source chromatography products.

We’re extremely experienced in HPLC column packing and can recommend column dimensions and silicas for all applications. Just get in touch, we’d be pleased to help."

Rachel – Product Manager

Customer supplied packing materials

 In addition to the wide range of materials listed in our ecatalogue LINK, Hichrom can also manufacture columns from any commercially available silica or from customer supplied materials. If you would like us to sign a confidentially agreement, then we would be happy to do so.


Please contact us now for information on our column packing services

Over the years, we’ve manufactured a wide variety of bespoke columns so that analysts can carry out applications that they couldn’t have run on commercially available products. If you’re looking for something unique – maybe in terms of the bonding or the dimensions - then please get in contact. Confidentiality is guaranteed!"

Gemma – Product Manager

Batch reservation service


Column-to column reproducibility is of the utmost importance and, for particularly searching applications, we can offer a no charge batch reservation service to eliminate any batch related reproducibility concerns. Based on your projected column usage (large or small), Hichrom will reserve the quantity of silica you require and pack columns from this material as and when you need them.


Please contact us now for information on our batch reservation service

We can reserve a whole batch for you – and you can then purchase columns from your own supply, as and when you need them. This is really useful if your resolution’s on a knife-edge and any variation between batches is unacceptable."

Gemma – Product Manager