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Fluofix is a fluorinated silica based material for selective reversed-phase HPLC. Initially manufactured by Neos, it is now produced by Wako Chemicals.

  • Unique selectivity
  • Increased retention and selectivity for halogenated compounds
  • Separation of geometric and positional isomers

Wakopak Fluofix Phases

Wakopak Fluofix phases are bonded with branched chain perfluorohexyl groups on 120Å pore size silica, in both endcapped and non-endcapped options. They exhibit increased retention and selectivity compared with C18 phases for compounds containing fluorine and chlorine substituents. This is due to the carbon-fluorine bond being more polar than the carbon-hydrogen bond of C18 phases.

Wakopak Fluofix phases are also highly selective for the analysis of non-halogenated polar compounds containing hydroxyl, carboxyl, nitro and other polar groups. This is most apparent when the functional groups are located on an aromatic or other rigid ring system.

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