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SHARCTM HPLC columns the latest, innovative column from SiELC Technologies,

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The key features of SHARCTM columns:

SHARC (Specific Hydrogen-bond Adsorption Resolution Chromatography) columns are the first commercially available columns with separation based primarily on hydrogen bonding.

SHARC-1 column operation conditions are unique. A mixture of acetonitrile (MeCN), a weak solvent, and methanol (MeOH), a strong solvent, are used as the mobile phase. Pure MeCN has very insignificant amount of hydrogen bonding with the SHARC stationary phase, while MeOH interacts strongly with SHARC stationary phase, which reduces the retention of analytes based on it's capacity to hydrogen bond. By changing ratio of MeCN/MeOH the optimum retention profile can be obtained for many types of molecules with high selectivity, peak shape, efficiency, and speed.

SHARC surface interacts with hydrogen bonding analytes in acetonitrile (weak solvent);  methanol (strong solvent) competes with analytes for stationary surface sites.

SHARC columns offer:-

  • SPEED - Increase of the speed of analysis by up to 5 times from conventional HPLC and a further factor of 5 to 6 for UHPLC due to lower solvent viscosity
  • SOLUBILITY - MeOH is one of the most universal solvents for organic compounds. Combinations of MeOH with
  • MeCN will dissolve almost any molecules with very high or very low polarity. Highly hydrophobic molecules such as surfactants, lipids and oil soluble vitamins are easily soluble in this solvent combination. Very polar molecules such as sugars, di-ols, salts of amino compounds and carboxylic acids also can also be efficiently dissolved in these solvent systems. Other organic solvents can be used as diluents without affecting the separation.
  • SELECTIVITY - Since hydrogen bond formation is very specific in terms of interaction energy and strongly depends on molecule geometry, number of functional groups and the position of the functional groups, the separation of molecules of similar nature such as isomers, roxidation or reduction products can be achieved with SHARC with high selectivity.
  • PREPARATIVE SEPARATIONS - MeCN/MeOH mixtures have a low boiling point and are much easier to evaporate than water. As result this solvent system is much friendlier for preparative chromatography. The additional benefit of low viscosity allows SHARC to perform prep separation with higher throughput.
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPOUNDS - A wide range of molecules can be analyzed with the SHARC technique. Practically any molecule with functional groups containing oxygen and nitrogen can be retained and separated from similar compounds using this technology.

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