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A wide range of chiral and speciality HPLC and SFC columns for analytical to preparative applications.

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Pirkle Chiral Phases

RegisTechnologies is the leading manufacturer of ‘brush-type' or Pirkle concept chiral stationary phases, for use in both normal-phase and reversed-phase modes. For each phase, the optically active ligand is covalently bonded to 5μm, 100Å spherical silica.

  • Column durability due to covalent bonding
  • Ability to invert elution order
  • Excellent chromatographic efficiency
  • Universal solvent compatibility
  • Available in analytical to preparative dimensions
  • Enantiomer separation of a wide variety of compound groups

Regis Pirkle Chiral Phases

Typical Applications
α-Burke 2Dimethyl-N-3,5-dinitrobenzoyl- α-amino- 2,2-dimethyl-4-pentenyl phosphonateπ-electron acceptorβ-blockers, amino alcohols
β-Gem 1N-3,5-dinitrobenzoyl-3-amino-3-phenyl- Anilide derivatives of wide 2-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-propanoate
π-electron acceptorAnilide derivatives of wide range of carboxylic acids


3,5-Dinitrobenzoyl derivative of 1,2-diaminocyclohexane
π-electron acceptor /donor
Broad range
Leucine3,5-Dinitrobenzoylleucineπ-electron acceptorBenzodiazepines
Phenylglycine3,5-Dinitrobenzoylphenylglycineπ-electron acceptorWide variety of compounds
containing π-basic groups
Pirkle 1-Jβ-lactaseπ-electron acceptorUnderivatised β-blockers,
arylpropionic acids
ULMO3,5-Dinitrobenzoyl derivative of diphenylethylene-diamine
π-electron acceptor/donorWide range, particularly aryl carbinols



1-(3,5-dinitrobenzamido) tetrahydrophenanthrene
π-electron acceptor/donorBroad range of compounds

Features of Pirkle Phases

Inversion of elution order

An important advantage of the Pirkle chiral stationary phases (CSP) is the ability to invert elution order by using the same type of CSP, but with the opposite absolute configuration. As a result, it is possible to have the trace enantiomer elute before the major, which is beneficial for enantiomeric purity determinations and for preparative separations.

Analytical and preparative-sized columns

All of Regis' Pirkle columns are available in both analytical and preparative sizes. The high loading factors offered by these phases make them particularly suited for scaling up.

Enantiomeric purity determination

Pirkle CSPs are particularly useful for the accurate determination of enantiomeric purity, especially in trace
analysis because they provide excellent resolution. Such determinations are fast, accurate and sensitive.

Universal solvent compatibility

Pirkle HPLC columns are compatible with most eluents with pH between 2.5 and 7.5. Although superior resolution is typically observed with normal-phase elution, many racemates can be separated in either normal- or reversed-phase mode.

Pirkle Phases


Whelk-01 is the most widely applicable chiral phase, due to the incorporation of both π-acceptor and π-donor characteristics. It was originally designed for the separation of underivatized non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but shows versatility in the analysis of a wide range of compounds, including amides, epoxides, esters, ureas, carbamates, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and alcohols.

The  newer Whelk-01 phase based on 5um Kromasil silica shows higher efficiencies and greater resolving power, in both HPLC and SFC modes, than the original 5um Whelk-01 phase. Although the original material is still offered for the continuation of validated methods, for all other methods it is recommended that the newer Whelk-01 product is used.

Whelk-02 is the trifunctional version of the Whelk-01. It shows similar selectivity but enhanced stability with strong organic modifiers.


The ULMO chiral stationary phase has the general capability
of separating enantiomers of many racemate classes, and is
particularly good at separating enantiomers of aryl carbinols1


DACH-DNB contains the 3,5-dinitrobenzoyl derivative of trans
1,2-diaminocyclohexane. It can resolve a wide range of
compound classes, including sulphoxides, phosphine oxides,
selenoxides, organometallics and atropisomers.2

RegisCellTM and RegisPackTM
  •  Polysaccharide coated phase
  •  Excellent selectivity
  •  Fast equilibration times
  •  Fast method development
  •  HPLC and SFC applications

RegisCell and RegisPack chiral columns are polysaccharide based stationary phases. They are produced
using a unique manufacturing process involving the coating of the proven chiral selectors tris-(3,5-dimethylphenyl) carbamoyl cellulose and tris-(3,5-dimethylphenyl) carbamoyl amylose respectively onto a high purity wide pore (1000Å) silica.

Columns are packed and tested at high pressures for use in both SFC and HPLC modes. The packing materials have a high pressure limit (450 bars), which enables faster flow rates and decreased equilibration times when switching from one compatible eluent to another.

RegisCell and RegisPack produce excellent performance and resolution in the separation of a wide range of compounds, by both HPLC and SFC. Fast SFC analyses have been developed for a number of applications, using simple eluent conditions.

The newer RegisPack CLA-1, a coated chlorinated phase with the chiral selector tris- (5-chloro-2-methylphenyl) carbamoyl amylose, shows complementary selectivity to the other Regis phases. In cases where the proven chiral phases Whelk-01, RegisPack and RegisCell phase give incomplete separtaion, RegisPack CLA-1 can be a useful addition to the screening process.

Ordering Information

Column Dimensions2 (mm)
Regis Phase (5μm)150 x 2.1350 x 4.65250 x 4.6250 x 10
(R,R)-α-Burke 2731602731613735035735235
(S,S)-α-Burke 2731603731614735037735237
(R,R)-β-Gem 1731600731611731043731243
(S,S)-β-Gem 1731601731612731029731229
(3R,4S)-Pirkle 1-J731604731615731044731244
(3S,4R)-Pirkle 1-J731605731616731045731245
(R,R)-Whelk-013 (10μm)786903786907786515786525
(S,S)-Whelk-013 (10μm)
(R,R)-Whelk-023 (10μm)--786315786325
(S,S)-Whelk-023 (10μm)--786415786425
RegisPack CLA-1-793101793104793105
RegisCell (10μm)-784201784204784205
RegisPack (10μm)-783201783204783205
RegisPack CLA-1 (10μm)-793201793204793205

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