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COSMOSIL Speciality Phases for Difficult HPLC Separations

For Technical Information
COSMOSIL Cholester
  • COSMOSIL Cholester shows enhanced selectivity over traditional C18 phases, but similar hydrophobicity, for the separation of isomers and other closely related compounds
    • Cholesteryl bonded silica phase
    • Strong stereoselectivity for hydrophobic compounds
  • COSMOSIL πNAP forms strong π-π interactions with unsaturated compounds. It shows improved selectivity for structural isomers with varying degrees of saturation
    • Naphthylethyl bonded silica phase
    • Stronger π-π interactions than Phenyl phases
    • Useful for positional isomers
  • COSMOSIL PYE has the most powerful π-π interactions and is particularly suited for the separation of aromatic isomers
    • Pyrenylethyl bonded silica phase
    • Multiple separation modes – hydrophobic, charge transfer and π-π interactions
  • COSMOSIL HILIC retains polar analytes that are poorly retained in reversed-phase chromatography
    • Triazole bonded silica phase
    • Retention of acidic analytes by anion-exchange
    • Enhanced sensitivity in LC-MS
  • COSMOSIL Sugar-D shows improved column durability compared to conventional amino bonded phases, for the analysis of saccharides
    • Separation of small saccharides and sugar alcohols
    • Separation of highly hydrophilic compounds

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