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"The more you use DryLab, the more
time and money you save -
and the more confidence you have
in the methods you develop!"

Drylab 4:

  • To save time and cost
  • To help update and transfer methods
  • To help conform to FDA 'Quality by Design' standards
  • To help teach and train new chromatographers

DryLab in brief

DryLab® helps you find the best solutions for your sample separation challenges. For twenty-five years, scientists from major international pharmaceutical and chemical companies, as well as universities and other organisations, have utilised DryLab to create high quality HPLC methods to meet the needs of their demanding applications. Anybody working in the realm of HPLC who wishes to economise on the resources spent developing and running methods will benefit from the advantages offered by DryLab. The most important reasons for adopting DryLab technology into your HPLC laboratory are considered to be as follows:

DryLab 4 key points

  • Latest version of the acclaimed DryLab chromatography modelling software, which has evolved over 25 years.
  • Allows you to develop better, more robust HPLC/UHPLC methods faster and more efficiently.
  • Also allows you to optimise or modify existing HPLC methods for successful transfer to alternative UHPLC/HPLC equipment.
  • Features improved "peak tracking" to speed up data entry and improve correct peak identification on imported chromatograms.
  • Improved functionality allows for 1, 2 and 3 chromatographic parameters (e.g. % organic, temp, pH etc.) to be modelled simultaneously.
  • Allows modelling results to be easily visualised as a "2D colour resolution map" or "3D colour resolution cube".
  • From just 12 runs you can model 1,000,000 possible solutions.
  • New robustness module allows you to simply and quickly explore the boundaries of robustness, cumulatively or independently, for all specified parameters.
  • Fully compatible with the principles of Quality by Design (QbD).

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