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Genuine Partisil HPLC columns from the manufacturer  


Hichrom Limited acquired the complete Partisil and Partisphere HPLC column consumable product lines from Whatman, a division of GE Healthcare, in 2012. Prior to the acquisition Hichrom worked closely with GE Healthcare in the manufacture of these products. Following the acquisition, Hichrom continues to manufacture the full range of genuine columns and media to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and specifications.

Although Partisil and Partisphere products are no longer available from GE Healthcare, the genuine products are still available from the manufacturer Hichrom Limited and Hichrom’s authorised global distributor network. Please contact Hichrom to confirm your authorised local distributor.

Partisil phases:

  • Genuine Partisil products
  • Irregular porous silica
  • 5um and 10um particle sizes
  • Wide range of column dimensions

Partisil was one of the first commercially available irregular silica’s with a large surface area giving it a high loading capacity. Partisil ion exchange materials are widely referenced and remain one of the most popular choices for analystst. Partisil 10 ODS3 is similar to Waters uBondapak.


Wide range of column dimensions

In addition to complete range of column dimensions historically offered by Whatman/GE Healthcare, Hichrom also offer Partisil columns in a wide range of additional column dimensions. Please contact Hichrom if you can’t identify the exact dimensions you require.


Partisil phase specifications

  Phase        Particle
size (um)
Functional groupDescription

Partisil Silica



Partisil C8



Partisil C8 is recommended for ion pair chromatography.

Partisil ODS



Partisil ODS is a low carbon load C18 phase, with intentionally unbonded surface silanols adding to the selectivity.

Partisil ODS2



Partisil ODS2 is a high carbon load C18 bonded silica phase which makes it the most non-polar and, therefore, the most retentive of the Partisil reversed-phase columns. The high sample load capacity is suitable for preparative work.

Partisil ODS3



Partisil ODS3 is an intermediate carbon load C18 phase used for pharmaceutical, natural products, food, biological and environmental pollutants applications. *Partisil 10 ODS3 is similar to Waters uBondapak.

Partisil PAC



Partisil PAC is a Polar Amino Cyano bonded phase with secondary amine groups for good thermal and chemical stability. Fast equilibration enables multiple separation mechanisms, including adsorption, reversed-phase and weak anion-exchange, to be used. The phase is particularly suitable for carbohydrate separations. 

Partisil SAX


Tetramethyl ammonium

Partisil SAX is a strong anion-exchange phase based on quaternary ammonium groups. It is stable over the pH range 1.5 to 7.5. At intermediate pH, use of a Solvecon eluent conditioning column (see part number 4250-001) is recommended to further enhance column lifetime. Typical applications include nucleic acids, organic acids and inorganic anions.

Partisil SCX


Sulphonic acid

Partisil SCX is a strong cation-exchange phase based on benzenesulphonic acid groups and is stable over the pH range 1.5 to 7.0. At intermediate pH, use of a Solvecon eluent conditioning column (see part number 4250-001) is recommended to further enhance column lifetime. Suitable applications include nucleosides, amino acids, polyamines, drugs and other cationic species.



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