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Hichrom PAH2 HPLC columns

Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are widespread environmental pollutants produced by the incomplete combustion and pyrolysis of fossil fuels and other organic material. These are of particular concern due to their carcinogenicity, so government legislation is demanding an increasing number of PAH analyses to be undertaken.

Hichrom PAH2 columns are based on an alkyl bonded silica material with a high carbon load. They are suitable for the analysis of PAH compounds from a variety of matrices:
  • drinking water
  • industrial waste water
  • ground water
  • air
  • soil
  • solid waste
  • particulate matter
  • food
The 16 component mixture of priority pollutant PAHs defined in the US by the EPA are separated on a Hichrom PAH2 (5um, 100 x 4.6mm) column with excellent peak efficiency and symmetry in just over 30 minutes
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