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MonoTrap: a new approach for sample adsorption and extraction of volatile and non-volatile components

GL Sciences MonoTrap is a new generation tool for sorptive extraction of volatile and semi-volatile components of interest to many industries including the perfume and cosmetic, food and beverage, forensic, toxicology, environmental, chemical and biochemical and many others.

MonoTrap vials

 MonoTrap demonstrates a number of key advantages when compared to alternative methods for adsorption and extraction of volatile and semi-volatile components. Conventional media for sampling generally exhibit low surface area and thin polymer coatings, which may lead to poor recovery and the need for prolonged extraction times. MonoTrap is based on state-of-the-art silica monolith technology. It has a large surface area due to the pores within the silica skeleton, whilst the through-pores reduce the resistance to flow. The result is a media that requires no pre-conditioning, exhibits fast adsorption and extraction and offers complete desorption using only small solvent volumes.
Monolithic stucture of MonoTrap 
These advantages have demonstrated excellent benefits in many areas and a range of industry applications have been identified including analysis of cherry blossom, red wine, body odours, soap, lavender, fatty acids in the atmosphere, organic solvents in the atmosphere, coffee, tea, gasoline residues, mango juice, curry powder, bread and non-polar metabolites from human plasma. Further application areas are continually being identified.
General features of MonoTrap include:
  • MonoTrap has been demonstrated to work with the following techniques:

* head space sampling
* direct contact sampling
* passive sampling

  • It is available in two types:

1) with same characteristics as general silica gel

2)  with activated carbon added to the silica skelton as an adsorption medium

  • Both types are bonded with C18 groups
  • Disc and rod formats are available
Copies of application notes, sample packs, demonstration video CDs and technical brochures are available on request . For further information on MonoTrap please contact Hichrom.