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MonoFas DNA Purification Kit:
...extracts the fragment DNA from the PCR products and agarose gels. It can be applied for both centrifugation and aspiration methods.
  • Fast: DNA purification from PCR samples in 4 minutes. DNA extraction from agarose gels in 9 minutes.
  • Small Sample Volume: No damages on DNA by a strong centrifuge with monolithic technology. Samples can be as small as 10μL and more than 90% recovery rate.
  • High Nucleic Acid Retention: The high retentivity of the Monolithic silica ageinst nucleic acid enables high purification and recovery. The wide range of fragment DNA between 35bp-35kB can be purified.
Product Contents of theMonoFas DNA Purification Kit : 50 pcs.
  • Spin Column 50 pcs
  • Collection Tube 50 pcs
  • Bind Buffer A 30 mL
  • Wash Buffer B 40 mL
  • Elute Buffer C 10 mL
  • Operation Manual 1 pcs
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