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InspireTM and SpursilTM HPLC Columns

Features of InspireTM Columns

  • High efficiency
  • Long lifetime
  • Stable from pH 1 - 11
  • Efficient method development
  • Outstanding selectivity
  • Extreme resolution
  • Excellent batch to batch reproducibility

InspireTM columns are engineed with high purity raw silica, proprietary bonding techniques, tightly controlled manufacturing processes and column packing procedures that provide today's chromatographic laboratories with HPLC columns of unrivaled performance.

InspireTM columns are available in both C18 and C8 stationary phase, with column lengths from 50 - 250mm and either a 2.1mm or 4.6mm ID.

10µm InspireTM C18 or C8 packing material is also available for preparative chromatography.

Material Characteristics

PhaseEndcappedParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Loading (%)Phase Density (µmol/m2)Maximum pH Range
C18Yes3, 5, 10100440273.91 - 11
C8Yes3, 5, 10100440174.01 - 11

SpursilTM HPLC Columns

Features of SpursilTM Columns

  • High purity silica with unique polar modification technology
  • Maintain characteristics of conventional reversed phases
  • Unique selectivity and enhanced resolution
  • Reduced silanol interactions and improved peak shape for basic analytes
  • Stable retention in highly aqeous mobile phase conditions
  • Enhanced retention for polar compounds
  • Extended range of pH stability
  • Variety of selectivities & hardware formats

SpursilTM polar-modified phases are based on ultra high-purity silica and novel polar modification technology. The unique bonded phases maximise polar retention and selectivity, while virtually eliminating silanol activity. The resulting polar-modified packing material contains a surface that is easily wetted with polar eluents and can run in highly aqueous conditions.

SpursilTM columns are available in 3, 5 & 10µm size with column lengths from 50 - 250mm and 2.1mm to 10mm ID.

10µm SpursilTM  preparative material is also available in bulk form.

Material Characteristics

PhaseEndcapped  Particle Size (µm)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Loading (%)Phase Density (µmol/m2)Maximum pH Range
C18Yes3, 5, 10100440253.51.5  - 10.0
C18-EPYes3, 5, 10100440243.41.5  - 10.0

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