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The Agilent Technologies' Zorbax® brand of HPLC columns include:

Agilent's Zorbax 1.8 µm columns, which are now available in 12 phases including Eclipse Plus C18, C8 and PAH, StableBond C18, C8, Phenyl, CN and Aq, Eclipse XDB C18 and C8, Extend C18 and RX-Sil. Zorbax Eclipse Plus columns, the latest addition to the Zorbax family, deliver superior, reproducible separations of many compounds including difficult to separate basic compounds.


    • Hichrom manufactured standard Zorbax® columns available in 7 phases. Please contact Hichrom for details.                                      
        • Zorbax Eclipse Plus - for superior, reproducible separations of basic and other compounds
        • Zorbax Eclipse XDB - a good first choice column usable over a wide pH range (2-9)
        • Zorbax StableBond (SB) - A wide range of popular phases including CN, Ph & Aq
        • Zorbax 300StableBond (300SB) - Wide-pore (300Å) phases for peptide and protein separations.
        • Zorbax Bonus-RP - Novel bonding technology with embedded polar amide group in long alkyl chain.
        • Zorbax Extend-C18 and 300Extend-C18 - Unique bidentate and double endcapping for high pH stability
        • Zorbax Rx - General separations of basic, acidic and neutral compounds at low pH.
        • Poroshell 120 - Superficially porous particles for high efficiency at low pressure
        • Poroshell 300 - 5μm superficially porous particles for separation of biomolecules
        • Zorbax PrepHT - Easy scale-up from analytical to preparative scale with ZORBAX phases

        For more information on Zorbax columns including Zorbax Eclipse Plus columns and Zorbax 1.8µm columns, please contact Hichrom