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Rheodyne leads the way with high quality, reliable valves, injectors and supplies for the LC market

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Rheodyne RheBuild Kits provide you with everything you need to service and maintain your Rheodyne valve and at a discount relative to the individual parts cost. Identify the kit you need to service your Rheodyne valve here.
Rheodyne Automatic MX HPLC Sample Injectors and Fluid Switching Modules. Built for HPLC fluid switching and injection applications, these valves provide speed, precision and flexibility. These self-contained, electronically actuated valves are available in both nano and analytical versions. Nano modules contain switching loops with a 10nL internal volume, have excellent dispersion characteristics and use Rheodyne's proprietary biocompatable DuraLife III technology. Three nano and six analytical models are available.
Rheodyne Manual Sample Injectors and Fluid Switching Modules. Rheodyne have been the industry standard for HPLC fluid switching and sample injector valves for many years. They offer a wide range of manual precision valves including stainless steel and PEEK models and micro to preparative models.
Rheodyne Sample Loops, Rotor Seals, Stators. Rheodyne offer a wide range of precision sample loops with internal volumes from 1µL to 20mL. Both stainless steel and PEEK loops are available. Rotor seals (the polymeric disc that makes a high pressure seal against the stator) will wear with use and should be routinely replaced from time to time. Vespel (operating pH range 1 to 10) and Tefzel and PEEK (operating pH range 1 to 14) rotor seals are available. Stators will only need replacing if the ports or sealing surfaces have become damaged.
Column Switching Units. Hichrom also offers Rheodyne built 3-column switching units and 6-column switching units. As suggested these units are self contained, electronically operated units for automated column switching of 3 or 6 columns. All models will accommodate precolumns, analytical and preparative scale columns.
Further details on Rheodyne’s range can be found in our catalogue  or please Tel: 0118 930 3660 or contact Hichrom.