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Biomolecule Purifications Using CIM Monoliths

CIM (convective interaction media) monolithic columns are an innovative chromatographic technology that can redefine biomolecule purifications at all scales from laboratory to industrial GMP manufacture. Suitable application areas include virus production/purification, purification of plasmids and proteins including His-tagged recombinant proteins and antibodies such as IgG and IgM. CIM monolithic columns operate at up to 10 times higher flow rates than comparable particle based supports, without comprising resolution or dynamic binding capacity. The media offers high dynamic binding capacities for large biomolecules, which it can accommodate due to the relatively large pore size of the interconnected network of flow-through channels. These channels can be functionalised with IEX, HIC, affinity or customised ligands. Hichrom offer the full range of CIM (convective interaction media) monolithic products from BIA separations including CIMac Analytical Columns, CIMmultus Disposable Columns, CIM Line and CIM kits and packs.