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New Product

HALO-2 columns for UHPLC

The new HALO-2 columns from Advanced Materials Technology are based on their Fused-Core technology, but with a smaller particle size of 2m. These columns offer the advantages of sub 2m fully porous particles but at lower operating pressures. Manufactured with 1m column inlet frits, HALO-2 columns are less susceptible to column plugging than typical 0.2-0.5m frits on sub 2m fully porous columns. HALO-2 columns can be used up to 1000 bar but will actually produce 20% lower back pressure than most commercially available sub 2m UHPLC columns under the same conditions. There are two phases currently available: C18 and PFP. A 4-page flyer and three application notes with HALO-2 C18 are also available.