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New Products


Chiral Technologies are about to launch their first medium pressure liquid chromatography columns (MPLC). These new CHIRALFLASH columns are packed with immobilised chiral stationary phases for the separation of enantiomers. The columns, with a length of 100mm and i.d. of 30mm, are packed with Daicel’s 20um CHIRALPAK IA, IC, ID and IF materials. They are specifically designed for rapid and low cost separation of target compounds for exploratory stage processes. The columns are reusable and compatible with any commercially available flash chromatography system.

MPLC method development is first carried out on analytical CHIRALPAK HPLC columns (20um, 100 x 4.6mm) before scaling up to CHIRALFLASH MPLC columns. A 6-page product brochure is available.