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New Products

HALO BioClass Fused-core columns for Protein & Peptide separations

HALO BioClass HPLC and UHPLC columns from Advanced Materials Technology are based on their Fused-core technology. They are specifically designed for the fast, high resolution separation of peptides up to 10kDa (HALO Peptide columns) and proteins and polypeptides in the range of 2kDa to 500kDa (HALO Protein columns). HALO Peptide columns are available with particle sizes of 2.7um (0.5um shell) and 4.6mm (0.6um shell) and with ES-C18 and ES-CN bonding. HALO Protein columns have 3.4um particles (0.2um shell) with ES-C18 and C4 bonding. All HALO BioClass columns are compatible with MS friendly mobile phases and offer excellent column durability. A technical brochure outlining the benefits of HALO BioClass columns is available