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New Product

HALO-5 2013 & HALO Protein & Peptide Phases

Advanced Materials Technology have expanded the HALO-5 range of 5um Fused-Core® phases to include HALO-5 HILIC and Penta-HILIC. These two phases contain the same bonding chemistries as their smaller 2.7um particle size counterparts.

New HALO Protein and HALO Peptide columns are also based on Fused-Core technology and are specifically designed for fast, high resolution separations of proteins and peptides. HALO Protein C4 is based on a 3.4um particle with a pore size of 400Å. It is suitable for proteins up to 500kDa. HALO Peptide columns (150Å) are targeted for peptides and proteins up to 20kDa. Available phases include 2.7um HALO Peptide ES-C18, 5um HALO-5 ES-C18, 2.7um HALO Peptide ES-CN and 5um HALO-5 ES-CN.