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Training in HPLC/UHPLC by world-renowned experts

Professor Mel Euerby

Professor Mel Euerby has had a distinguished career in the field of separation science spanning over 30 years (with 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry). An internationally renowned speaker and referee for numerous scientific journals, Mel was awarded the Chromatographic Society Silver Jubilee Medal in 2007. He has 109 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the area of separation science and organic chemistry and is a committee member of the Chromatographic Society. He is a Visiting Professor at Strathclyde University and The Open University.

Dr Brian Montgomery

Dr. Brian Montgomery has over 2 decades of experience working in chromatography and pharma R&D, with extensive practical knowledge of both liquid and supercritical fluid chromatographic method development. He has been responsible for the introduction, development and application of chiral LC and chiral SFC technology in Early Drug Discovery, led a Purification team concentrating on chiral LC/SFC applications and has been training scientists for many years in the skills necessary for both chiral and achiral SFC and LC at analytical and preparative levels.

Dr. Alan McKeown

Dr. Alan McKeown has extensive experience in the pharma industry, leading R&D teams focusing on the development of new HPLC and UHPLC methods. With almost 2 decades of chromatography experience, Alan has extensive practical knowledge of ‘real life' HPLC/UHPLC method development, including working with and developing novel stationary phases for HPLC, micro-HPLC and CE. Alan has published a number of works on separation science, chromatography and genotoxic impurities and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist. Alan currently works for Advanced Chromatography Technologies Ltd.

Dr. Mark Powell

Dr. Mark Powell is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry with over 20 years experience as an analytical chemist. Having worked in the environmental field developing methods for low level pollutants and in the contract manufacturing field specialising in early-stage drug development, Mark has extensive hands-on knowledge of a wide variety of analytical techniques. Mark was a Senior Lecturer in analytical chemistry at Liverpool John Moores University's School of Pharmacy and Chemistry for a number of years and has over forty scientific papers and conference presentations to his name.

Diane Turner & Anthias Consulting

Diane Turner has over 15 years hands-on experience in Gas Chromatography and over 10 years experience in GCxGC on a wide range of manufacturers' instrumentation (including Agilent, Thermo, Varian, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Leco, CTC, ATAS, Gerstel & Markes) and in a huge variety of application areas and industries. A Warwick University graduate, Diane started her career as an Analytical Chemist, later gaining significant experience as an Applications Chemist. Diane is Director of Anthias Consulting which offers high quality training and consultancy in GC & GC-MS around the globe.

Geoff Pickerell

Geoff Pickerell has over five decades of ‘know-how' in the analytical arena, with experience in a variety of fields. Over this time he has developed a detailed knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of GC, LC and CE. He has worked for global instrument suppliers in the analytical market and for a number of years has provided quality training to a wide range of well-known companies, both from a theoretical and practical hands-on perspective.


..... Hichrom's Dr. Annette Larder, Gemma Lo and Dr. Helen Poole plus invited chromatography experts from industry and academia.

Hichrom Limited

Hichrom Limited specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of a wide range of high quality HPLC and UHPLC columns for the complete range of applications from Capillary, Microbore, Rapid Analysis and LC-MS to Preparative-scale dimensions. Hichrom offers chromatography technical and applications support and consultancy, training at all levels and in all areas of chromatography, a column screening and batch reservation service and a custom packing facility. Our products are available throughout the world via our international network of distributors.


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