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YMC is a leading specialist supplier of high performance products for liquid chromatography, with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan and with a global network of subsidiaries. They have many years experience of supplying high quality, high purity, reproducible analytical and semi-preparative columns, in a wide range of chemistries, particle sizes, pore sizes and column dimensions. In addition, YMC also supply a wide range of materials as bulk media.



Key brands in the YMC range of columns include:


YMC-Actus Semi-preparative and preparative columns      
YMC-BioPro    Ion-exchange phases for bioseparations               
YMC Chiral   Polysaccharide and other chiral phases  
YMC Classical        Wide range of ‘classical’ and ‘speciality’ bonded phases
YMC-DispoPackAT  Cartridges for flash chromatography                                         
YMC Glass columns   Empty glass columns for packing wide range of materials
YMC J’sphere Series of different hydrophobicity C18 phases          
YMC Meteoric Core   Core shell phases
YMC ProFamily      Range of high purity silica phases   
YMC SEC   Diol phases for SEC of biomolecules                  
YMC-Triart     Multi-layered hybrid materials 
YMC-UltraHT           2um Phases for fast separations    



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