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Polymeric TSKgel PW and PWXL columns are designed for GFC of water soluble organic polymers, polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, DNA and RNA. They are based on a hydrophilic polymethacrylate matrix, which is stable from pH 2 to 12 and in aqueous eluents with up to 50% polar organic solvent.

The TSKgel PWXL range is preferred for analytical purposes, due to the increased efficiency and resolution. For preparative work, the 600mm length TSKgel PW columns are recommended for their increased loading capacity. The mixed bed TSKgel GMPW and GMPWXL columns are useful for samples with a broad molecular weight range. TSKgel PWXL-CP columns are especially suited to the separation of cationic polymers.

  • Hydrophilic, rigid spherical porous methacrylate beads
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical stability
  • Stable from pH 2 - 12
  • Wide molecular weight range
  • Temperature stable up to 80°C

 TSKgel Polymeric SEC Phases

TSKgel PW PhaseParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (Å)Exclusion Limit (Da)
Polyethylene glycols & oxidesDextrans
GMPW17<100-1,000500 - 8,000,000-
G4000PWXL10500<300,0001,000 - 700,000
G5000PWXL101,000<1,000,00050,000 - 2,500,000
G6000PWXL13>1,000<8,000,000500,000 - 50,000,000
GMPWXL13-500 - 8,000,000<50,000,000
SuperMultipore PW-N4n/a300 - 50,000-
SuperMultipore PW-M5n/a500 - 1,000,000-
SuperMultipore PW-H8 (6-10)n/a1,000 - 10,000,000-



Seven TSKgel PW columns vary in pore size from less than 100A to more than 1000A. A mixed-bed column is also available. TSKgel PWXL columns cover the same pore size ranges as PW, but have smaller particle sizes and are thus more efficient. The TSKgel PWXL product line also offers speciality columns for analysing carbohydrate oligomers - TSKgel G-Oligo-PW and for DNA and RNA fragments - TSKgel G-DNA-PW.

TSKgel PWXL-CP Series

TSKgel PWXL-CP columns are designed to facilitate the separation of water soluble cationic polymers by SEC. They are produced in three different pore sizes for different molecular weight ranges. By incorporating a cationic functionality on the polymethacrylate particle surface, ionic adsorption of the polymers is eliminated. This modification results in high recovery for cationic polymers and enables elution under low salt conditions.

TSKgel SuperMultiporePW Series

TSKgel SuperMultiporePW columns are packed with monodisperse polymethacrylate particles, each containing a wide range of pore sizes to cover different molecular weight ranges. Multi-pore particle technology is the best way to achieve near linear SEC calibration curves, without the peak disturbances which typically occur due to a mismatch of pore sizes from coupled columns with different molecular weight ranges.

  •  Literature available : Tosoh SEC brochure


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