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TSKgel Alpha

The TSKgel Alpha and SuperAW series columns are based on a hydrophilic, highly cross-linked vinyl polymer resin. These materials are mechanically stable and exhibit minimal swelling and shrinkage. They are compatible with solvents from pure aqueous to 100% organic (except chloroform, toluene and hexane), making them suitable for both GFC and GPC. They have applications in the analysis of polar synthetic oligomers, polysaccharides and detergents.

  • Unique hydrophilic polyvinyl resin
  • Wide solvent compatibility, from 100% water to 100% non-polar organic solvents
  • Strong mechanical stability


TSKgel Alpha and SuperAW phases

TSKgel PhaseParticle Size (um)Exclusion Limit (PEO/H2O)
Alpha-M (mixed bed)13>10,000,000
SuperAW500071,000,000 approx.
SuperAW6000910,000,000 approx.
SuperAWM-H910,000,000 approx.

 PEO = polyethylene oxide


TSKgel SuperAW

The TSKgel SuperAW series offers the benefit of smaller particle sizes and smaller column dimensions, making them ideal for high throughput applications. They are used for high efficiency and high speed analysis of polymers that are soluble in polar organic solvents. Examples include cleansing gel in methanol, degree of saponification of polyvinylalcohol in HFIP, and sodium dodecylsulfate, polyimide, and cellulose derivatives in DMF with 10mmol/L LiBr. For samples with wide differences in molecular weights, the mixed bed columns TSKgel Alpha-M and TSKgel SuperAWM-H show linear calibration curves over the whole range.

TSKgel Alpha

The TSKgel Alpha series consists of 6 columns with different pore sizes and 3 particle sizes for a wide molecular weight separation range.

  • Literature: Tosoh SEC brochure

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