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Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Accucore HPLC columns offer chromatographic solutions to enhance laboratory workflow and efficiency. They are available in a wide range of selectivities and compatible with almost any instrument. The solid central core and porous outer layer of these particles generate high speed, high resolution separations without excessive backpressure.

  • Fast and efficient separations
  • High peak capacity
  • Low back pressure
  • Long lasting columns


 Accucore phase specifications

ColumnPhaseBondingParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Load (%) pH Range 
Accucore HPLC
RP-MSProprietary2.68013072 - 9
C18C182.68013091 -11
C8C82.68013052 - 9
aQC18 with polar endcapping2.68013092 - 9
Polar PremiumAmide embedded C182.61508081.5 - 10
Phenyl-HexylPhenyl-Hexyl2.68013052 - 8
PFPPentafluorophenyl2.68013052 - 8
Phenyl-XProprietary2.68013062 - 8
C30C302.61508052 - 8
HILIC-2.680130-2 - 8
Urea-HILICUrea2.680130-2 - 8
Accucore Columns
for Biomolecules
150-C18C182.61508071 - 11
150-C4C42.61508022 - 9
150-Amide-HILICAmide2.615080-2 - 8
Accucore XL
HPLC Columns
C18C184809071 - 11
C8C84809042 - 9


Three series of Accucore phases are available, to cover a wide range of applications.

Accucore HPLC Columns

These solid core particles have an overall diameter of 2.6µm with a porous layer thickness of 0.5µm and a very narrow particle size distribution. Accucore columns offer high speed, high resolution separations with significantly lower back pressures than those associated with UHPLC.

Accucore HPLC Columns for Biomolecules

The range of Accucore columns packed with 150Å pore diameter particles (2.6µm) enables biomolecule separations to benefit from the high resolution and speed provided by Core Enhanced Technology. 

Accucore XL HPLC Columns

Using 4µm solid core particles, Accucore XL HPLC columns allow users of conventional HPLC methods to obtain superior performance to that of columns packed with 5, 4 or 3µm fully porous particles.


  • Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC Columns

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