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Acclaim Application Specific Phases


In addition to the range of Acclaim columns for reversed-phase, HILIC and mixed-mode applications, Thermo Scientific have developed a range of speciality phases for use in specific application areas. These application specific phases are based on novel and unique chemistries and combine superior resolution with ease of use. Each column is application-tested for their specific analysis, to ensure that each lot of bonded silica provides high performance separations.

The Acclaim RSLC columns listed below, with a particle size of 2.2um, are designed for use with UHPLC systems.

Acclaim application specific phase specifications 

Acclaim PhaseParticle Size (um)Pore Size (A) pH Range Typical Applications 
Organic Acid (OA) 3, 5 120 2 - 8 Hydrophilic, aliphatic and aromatic organic acids
Surfactant and Surfactant Plus 3, 5 120 2.5 - 7.5 Anionic, cationic, non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants
Explosives E2 2.2, 3, 5 120 2.5 - 8 Nitroaromatic and nitramine explosives
Carbamate 2.2, 3, 5 120 2 - 8 Carbamate pesticides
Carbonyl 2.2, 3, 5 120 2.5 - 8 DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones


Acclaim Organic Acid (OA)

is a silica-based reversed-phase column designed for high efficiency, high throughput organic acid analysis. It is recommended for determining small hydrophilic organic acids, C1 to C7 aliphatic acids and hydrophilic aromatic acids. It is also valuable for the analysis and quality assurance of food and beverage products, pharmaceutical preparations, plating baths and manufacturing chemicals.


Acclaim Surfactant and Surfactant Plus

are silica-based columns for the separation of a wide range of surfactants, including anionics, cationics, non-ionics and amphoterics. Acclaim Surfactant columns are designed specifically for the separation of all classes of surfactants using ELSD or UV detection. The newer Acclaim Surfactant Plus columns are also compatible with corona charged aerosol detector (CAD), MS and other detectors.

Acclaim Explosives E2

columns are specifically designed to resolve all 14 explosives listed in US EPA Method 8330 (nitroaromatics and nitramines).

Acclaim Carbamate

columns are designed for baseline separation of carbamate pesticides in drinking water and raw surface water, as specified in US EPA Method 531.2. It is used in conjunction with post-column derivatisation and fluorescence detection or LC-MS.

Acclaim Carbonyl

reversed-phase columns are designed specifically for separating DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones, regulated by various official methods. Aldehydes and ketones from vehicle exhausts, drinking water and wastewater can be determined.

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