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Thermo Scientific's ProPac range consists of polymeric phases for ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction and affinity chromatography. They are suitable for the analysis of diverse biological samples containing proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. All ProPac columns are manufactured and tested under the strictest specifications, resulting in excellent column-to-column and lot-to-lot reproducibility.

ProPac Ion-exchange phase specifications

ProPac PhaseBase MaterialFunctional GroupParticle Size (um)  pH Range Breakthrough Capacity
WCX-10 Ethylvinylbenzene cross-linked with 55% divinylbenzene non-porous particles Carboxylate 10 2 - 12 6mg/ml lysozyme
SCX-10 Ethylvinylbenzene cross-linked with 55% divinylbenzene non-porous particles Sulphonate 10 2 - 12 3mg/ml lysozyme
WAX-10 Ethylvinylbenzene cross-linked with 55% divinylbenzene non-porous particles Tertiary amine 10 2 - 12 5mg/ml BSA
SAX-10 Ethylvinylbenzene cross-linked with 55% divinylbenzene non-porous particles Quaternary ammonium 10 2 - 12 15mg/ml BSA

 ProPac ion-exchange columns are based on non-porous polymer resin consisting of ethylvinylbenzene cross-linked with 55% divinylbenzene coated with a hydrophilic layer. The columns show exceptionally high resolution and efficiency for separations of protein variants, resolving isoforms that differ by a single charged residue. A hydrophilic layer prevents unwanted secondary interactions and a grafted cation-exchange or anion-exchange surface provides pH-based selectivity control.

ProPac Hydrophobic Interaction phase specification - ProPac HIC-10 

ProPac PhaseBase MaterialPore Size (A)Nominal Surface Area (m2/g)Particle Size (um)pH RangeBreakthrough Capacity
HIC-10 Spherical silica with amide/ethyl surface chemistry 300 100 5 2.5 - 7.5 340mg lysozyme
(75 x 7.8mm column)

The ProPac HIC-10 column is a high resolution, high capacity, 300A, 5um silica based HIC column that provides excellent high resolution separations of proteins and protein variants for analytical and preparative applications. ProPac
HIC columns provide exceptional hydrolytic stability under the highly aqueous conditions used in HIC.

Affinity phase - ProPac IMAC-10 

ProPac PhaseBase MaterialFunctional GroupParticle Size (um)pH RangeBreakthrough Capacity
IMAC-10 Non-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene Poly(IDA) grafts 10 2 -12 >60mg lysozyme/ml gel (250 x 4mm column)

The ProPac IMAC-10 is a high resolution analytical and semi-preparative affinity column for separation of proteins and peptides by immobilised metal affinity chromatography. It is packed with 10um non-porous polymeric beads coated with a hydrophilic layer, then grafted with poly(iminodiacetic acid) chains. These grafts are converted to metal-containing nanoparticles when the column is charged with metal ions. Applications include His-tagged proteins, phosphopeptides, prion peptides and proteins.


  • ProPac ion-exchange columns for protein analysis
  • ProPac HIC-10 column solutions for protein analysis
  • ProPac IMAC-10 column solutions for protein and peptide analysis

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