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Hypersil BDS


Hypersil BDS (Base Deactivated Silica) phases are widely referenced in legacy methods. They are robust, general purpose columns for use in a wide range of applications in QA/QC laboratories. Hypersil BDS columns exhibit reduced silanol activity compared to Hypersil Classical phases. For more challenging separations that require improved chromatographic performance, Thermo Scientific recommend Hypersil GOLD columns as an alternative.

  • General purpose columns
  • Reduced peak tailing for basic compounds
  • All phases endcapped
  • Good performance with acidic, basic and neutral compounds

Hypersil BDS phase specifications

Hypersil BDS PhaseParticle Size (um)Pore Size (A) Surface Area (m2/g) Carbon Load (%) Endcapped USP Code 
BDS C18 2.4, 3, 5 130 170 11 Yes L1
BDS C8 2.4, 3, 5 130 170 7 Yes L7
BDS Phenyl 3, 5 130 170 5 Yes L11
BDS Cyano 3, 5 130 170 4 Yes L10


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