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Thermo Scientific's Fluophase RP (100A) and WP (300A) phases are straight chain perfluorohexyl materials, whereas Fluophase PFP is a perfluorophenyl phase. These fluorinated phases exhibit extra retention and selectivity for halogenated compounds compared to alkyl bonded phases. They also exhibit shape selectivity for positional isomers of halogenated aromatic compounds. Polar compounds are often well retained on these materials. Fluophase phases are also excellent for the separation of difficult non-polar samples such as surfactants. They can be used in the analysis of complex taxane samples. Fluophase columns are stable under 100% aqueous conditions, so are ideal for 0 to 100% organic fast gradients.

  • Strong retention of polar analytes
  • Extra selectivity for halogenated compounds
  • High selectivity towards closely related compounds

Fluophase phase specifications

PhaseBonding ChemistryParticle Size (um)  Pore Size (A)Endcapped pH Range 
Fluophase RPPerfluorohexyl straight chain5100Yes2 - 8
Fluophase WPPerfluorohexyl straight chain5300Yes2 - 8
Fluophase PFPPerfluoropheny5100Yes2 - 8


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