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Accucore HPLC Columns

Containing solid core particles, which are engineered to a diameter of 2.6µm and a very narrow particle size distribution, Accucore HPLC columns allow high speed, high resolution separation, with back pressures significantly lower than those associated with UHPLC. Eleven different stationary phases offer a wide range of selectivities.


Accucore phase specifications

Accucore PhaseBondingParticle Size (µm) Pore Size (Å) Surface Area (m2/g) Carbon Load (%)  pH Range
RP-MS Proprietary 2.6 80 130 7 2 - 9
C18 C18 2.6 80 130 9 1 - 11
C8 C8 2.6 80 130 5 2 - 9
aQ C18 with polar endcapping 2.6 80 130 9 2 - 9
Polar Premium Amide embedded C18 2.6 150 80 8 1.5 - 10
Phenyl-Hexyl Phenyl-Hexyl 2.6 80 130 5 2 - 8
PFP Pentafluorophenyl 2.6 80 130 5 2 - 8
Phenyl-X Proprietary 2.6 80 130 6 2 - 8
C30 C30 2.6 150 80 5 2 - 8
HILIC - 2.6 80 130 - 2 - 8
Urea-HILIC Urea 2.6 80 130 - 2 - 8



Accucore C18

shows optimum retention of non-polar analytes via a predominantly hydrophobic interaction mechanism. [Pop-up to chromatogram showing the separation of triazines on Accucore C18 (IFig 1 page 224 Hichrom cat 9)].

Accucore C8

offers lower hydrophobic retention than C18 and is recommended for moderately polar analytes.

Accucore RP-MS

uses an optimized alkyl chain length for more effective coverage of the silica surface. The phase offers slightly lower retention than the C18 phase and this, combined with high efficiencies and low peak tailing, makes it an ideal choice for use with MS detection.

Accucore aQ

is compatible with 100% aqueous eluents and the polar functional group used in the endcapping provides an additional interaction mechanism by which polar compounds can be retained and resolved, making Accucore aQ ideal for the quantitative analysis of trace levels of polar analytes.

Accucore Polar Premium

is a rugged amide-embedded C18 phase, corresponding to a USP L60 phase. It is compatible with 100% aqueous eluents and offers high efficiency, wider operating pH range and unique selectivity complementary to standard C18 phases.

Accucore Phenyl-Hexyl

exhibits classical reversed-phase retention and selectivity characteristics due to the C6 chain, while the phenyl ring can add special selectivity by interacting with polar groups, resulting in a mixed-mode separation mechanism.

Accucore PFP

columns show extra retention for halogenated species and are also well suited to the selective analysis of non-halogenated polar compounds.

 Accucore Phenyl-X

has proprietary alkyl aromatic bonding which provides a unique selectivity when compared to other reversed-phase materials such as C18 or Phenyl. It shows enhanced selectivity for aromatic compounds and is robust, with low column bleed.

Accucore C30

offers high shape selectivity for hydrophobic, long chain alkyl compounds and structurally related isomers, such as carotenoids and steroids. It is also an excellent alternative to normal-phase columns for lipid analysis.

Accucore HILIC

shows enhanced retention of polar and hydrophilic analytes and alternative selectivity to C18.

Accucore Urea-HILIC

is a bonded hydrophilic stationary phase which has an alternative selectivity and lower ion-exchange capacity than other HILIC phases. The phase shows good retention of a broad range of polar analytes using up to 20% aqueous eluents.


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