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Acclaim PepMap


Acclaim PepMap and Acclaim PepMap RSLC

These columns are specially designed for high resolution analyses of tryptic, natural and synthetic peptides. They have become the standard for peptide separations in proteomics and can be used with all commercially available modern nano LC systems. Acclaim PepMap columns are used for LC-MS/MS peptide mapping for protein identification, biomarker discovery and systems biology. Due to their high loading capacity, Acclaim PepMap columns are suitable for the analysis of low abundance peptides in complex proteomics samples.

  • High resolution in protein identification
  • High sensitivity in LC-MS
  • Ideal for ESI-MS and MALDI-MS
  • High column-to-column reproducibility

Acclaim PepMap phase specifications:

Acclaim PepMap PhaseParticle Size (um)Pore Size (A) Surface Area (m2/g) Carbon Load (%) Endcapped USP Code 
100 C18 2, 3, 5 100 300 15 Yes L1
300 C18 5 300 100 9 Yes L1
100 C8 3, 5 100 300 9 Yes L7
300 C4 5 300 100 3 Yes L26

Acclaim PepMap

Acclaim PepMap columns are available in a variety of formats - nano (75um), capillary (300um) and micro (1.0mm) internal diameter.

Acclaim PepMap RSLC (C18, 2um particle)

was developed for ultra-high resolution peptide separations. These columns are available with i.d.s of 50um, 75um, 300um and 1.0mm.

Acclaim PepMap Trap and Nano-Trap.

columns are used for preconcentration of diluted samples, large volume injections or various column-switching techniques. Allowing substantially shorter loading times results in reduced overall analysis time. Columns with i.d. of 75, 100 and 200um are available

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