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Supelco: apHera


apHera reversed-phase and amino columns were developed to combine the superior advantages of both silica and polystyrene, without the disadvantages of either. The mechanical stability and high efficiency of silica-based phases and the wide pH compatibility and absence of silanols in polymeric phases, results in phases showing high efficiency over a wide pH range.  apHera phases are based on a vinyl alcohol copolymer material.

Features & applications of the apHera phases include:

Reversed-phase C18, C8, C4 columns



  • Stable vinyl copolymer base
  • pH range 2 – 12 
  • Stable in all organic solvents
  • Amenable to washing with alkaline solutions
  • Bases/pharmaceuticals
  • Peptides
  • Proteins

The vinyl alcohol copolymer base of apHera reversed-phase columns keeps the surface wetted even with high carbon loads. The alkyl functions (C18, C8 or C4) are bonded to the hydroxyl groups of this polymer. The average pore diameter of 300A is large enough to produce good results for small analytes, peptides and small proteins.

Amino (NH2) Columns



  • Ideal for LC-MS detection
  • pH range 2 – 13               
  • Amenable to washing with alkaline solutions
  • Normal-phase and HILIC 
  • Mono- to oligosaccharides
  • Carbohydrates/sugars
  • Ascorbic and erythorbic acid
  • Taurine and methionine
  • Polar drugs

apHera amino columns are based on covalently bonding polyamine to the vinyl alcohol copolymer surface. This bonding is optimised for the separation of mono- and oligosaccharides. The elution order mono-, di- and trisaccharide shows increased elution volume with increased acetonitrile concentration. Since apHera uses a strong alkali compatible polymer, the problems of reduced column lifetime, often encountered with silica phases, are eliminated. In addition, low column bleed makes apHera NH2 suitable for LC-MS applications.


apHera phase specifications

size (um)
Pore size (A)pH RangeUSP
C18 5,9,13 300 2 - 12 L67
C8 5 300 2 - 12 -
C4 5 300 2 - 12 -
NH2 5,9,13 300 2 - 13 -



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