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SUPELCOGEL ion exclusion HPLC columns are a range of cross-linked sulphonated polystyrene-divinylbenzene resins in six cationic forms, each offering a unique selectivity for analyses of saccharides or organic acids. These resins are based on 9um spherical particles, with 6% cross-linking. They are stable over the pH range 1 to 13.


Within the different classes of sugars, chemical and physical properties vary only slightly. HPLC separations of carbohydrates depend on differences in conformation, configuration and column type. As a result, no single HPLC column or method can separate all carbohydrates.


In contrast to their elution order on amino bonded columns, carbohydrates elute from SUPELCOGEL resins in descending order of molecular size. Smaller di- and monosaccharides interact with the counterions and are more strongly retained. Components are separated by a mixture of size exclusion and ion-exchange mechanisms.


The general features of the SUPELCOGEL phases include:

  •  Polystyrene-divinylbenzene based ion exclusion phases
  • 6 Different cationic forms
  • Unique selectivities for analysis of saccharides and organic acids
  • pH Stable from 1 to 13


SUPELCOGEL phase specifications*

PhaseFormMax temp
USP codeTypical applications
SUPELCOGEL C-610-H Hydrogen 60 L17 Organic acids
SUPELCOGEL H Hydrogen 90 L17 Organic acids
SUPELCOGEL K Potassium 90 - Beet sugar, cane sugar, molasses, corn syrup
SUPELCOGEL Pb Lead 90 L34 Monosaccharides, xylose/galactose/mannose
SUPELCOGEL Ca Calcium 90 L19 Monosaccharides, sugar alcohols
SUPELCOGEL Ag1 Silver 90 - Beer, dark corn syrup
SUPELCOGEL Ag2 Silver 90 - Oligosaccharides, glycerol/ethanol
SUPELCOGEL C-611 2 divalent cations 85 - Mono-, di- and trisaccharides

 *SUPELCOGEL H, Pb and Ca also available as 8% cross-linked versions

SUPELCOGEL K columns are useful for separating raffinose, sucrose, glucose, fructose and betaine.

SUPELCOGEL Pb offers the highest resolution and best selectivity for monosaccharides. They show good separation of xylose, galactose and mannose.

SUPELCOGEL Ca separates oligo-, tri- and disaccharides by class. It is used mainly for the separation of monosaccharides and sugar alcohols.

SUPELCOGEL Ag1 was developed specifically for separating the oligosaccharides in beer and corn syrup and provides rapid separations of oligomers up to Dp7. It will also separate ethanol and glycerol.

SUPELCOGEL Ag2 is better suited for larger oligosaccharides, resolving up to and including Dp12.

SUPELCOGEL C-611 is a unique ion-exchange resin containing two divalent cations – strontium and barium. This provides different selectivities for separating monosaccharides and sugar alcohols. Galactose and mannose are well separated on this column. 

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