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Supelco: Ascentis


The Ascentis family of columns is a newer generation of HPLC columns from Supelco. Ascentis phases are bonded on high purity, 100A pore size silica with particle sizes of 3, 5 and 10um. Columns are designed for small molecule applications and are scalable from micro columns (1.0mm i.d.) to preparative dimensions (50mm i.d.). The family includes C18, C8, Phenyl, Si and the embedded polar group phase, RP-Amide.


The general features of the Ascentis phases include:

  • High surface area silica and advanced bonding chemistry that make the Ascentis family of columns highly retentive
  • Excellent LC-MS bleed characteristics
  • High loading capacity
  • Scalable selectivity from analytical to preparative


 Ascentis phase specifications

size (um)
Pore size (A)Surface area
load (%)
EndcappedpH RangeUSP
C18 3,5,10 100 450 25 Yes 2 - 8 L1
C8 3,5,10 100 450 15 Yes 2 - 8 L7
RP-Amide 3,5,10 100 450 19.5 Yes 2 - 8 L60
Phenyl 3,5 100 450 19 Yes 2 - 8 L11
ES-Cyano 3,5 100 450 10 Yes 1 - 8 L10
Si 3,5,10 100 450 - No 2 - 6 L3


Ascentis RP-Amide is an ultra-low bleed alkyl amide embedded phase that rivals C18 as a generic scouting column. It provides excellent peak shape and resolution, especially for polar compounds or mixtures of compound polarity. Due to the bonding technology and polymeric reagents used, this phase is suitable for LC-MS analyses.


Ascentis ES-Cyano exhibits extra stability for low pH mobile phases due to the sterically protected nature of the phase. It can be used in reversed-phase, normal-phase and HILIC modes.


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