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MicroSolv: CE Capillaries and Accessories

MicroSolv Technology Corporation manufactures several ranges of capillaries for CE (Capillary Electrophoresis) and also supplies a number of accessories to support the technique.

  • Range of polyimide coated capillaries
  • Window Maker
  • Several method kits available

Simplus Capillaries

are bare fused silica capillaries, designed and manufactured specifically for use in CE. The internal diameters are controlled for concentricity for more uniform EOF and reproducible results. The capillaries have an o.d. of 365um (0.375mm) and are available in 1m, 10m or 25m lengths. They are clad in polyimide coating, enabling the user to handle them in a manner that is very similar to that of optical fibres.

Controlled EOF Capillaries

are pH independent, so that the electro-osmotic flow (EOF) does not change when the pH of the buffer is changed, encouraging reproducible CE and long capillary lifetime. These capillaries are coated with various amounts of proprietary polymer, which controls the amount of resulting EOF.
Zero EOF Capillaries are neutral coated with linear polyacrylamide. They are designed to eliminate EOF and minimise wall interaction. They are suited to analysis of proteins, peptides and basic molecules

Dynamic Coatings for Capillary Electrophoresis

CElixir dynamic coatings for CE are easy to use and robust kits designed for routine applications. They eliminate the need for mixing or making up buffer solutions for stabilisation of electro-osmotic flow (EOF), reduce wall interactions, improve separation and reduce run times on bare fused silica capillaries.

  • Easy and reliable peak quantification
  • Minimise sample loss and increase reproducibility
  • Increase lab throughput
  • Use pH to control sample ionisation

Five different coatings are available:



for analysis of positively charged analytes



for analysis of negatively charged analytes, including organic acids and anions (even if non UV absorbing)



for analysis of aliphatic amines or non UV absorbing cations with UV detector



for quantitative analysis of proteins and peptides



for analysis of neutral compounds, proteins and peptides and chiral compounds

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