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Genuine Partisphere HPLC columns from the manufacturer  


Hichrom Limited acquired the complete Partisil and Partisphere HPLC column consumable product lines from Whatman, a division of GE Healthcare, in 2012. Prior to the acquisition Hichrom worked closely with GE Healthcare in the manufacture of these products. Following the acquisition, Hichrom continues to manufacture the full range of genuine columns and media to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and specifications.

Although Partisil and Partisphere products are no longer available from GE Healthcare, the genuine products are still available from the manufacturer Hichrom Limited and Hichrom’s authorised global distributor network. Please contact Hichrom to confirm your authorised local distributor.

Partishere phases:

  • Genuine Partisphere products
  • Spherical 5um porous silica
  • Unique void-sealing cartridge hardware
  • Convenient and easy to use

Partisphere was one of the first commercially available spherical silicas and continues to provide reproducible, high efficiency separations. Partisphere columns are available in a wide range of surface chemistries, including two application specific phases, TAC-1 (Taxane Analysis Column) for the analysis of paclitaxel and other taxanes and WAX (MAX-1) for corn and soy protein analysis.


Partisphere phase specifications

  Phase        Particle
size (um)
Functional group

Partisphere Silica



Partisphere C8



Partisphere C18



Partisphere PAC



Partisphere SAX


Tetramethyl ammonium

Partisphere SCX


Sulphonic acid

Partisphere TAC-1 (PFP)



Partisphere WAX (MAX-1)




  • Unique Void-sealing cartridge system:

Partisphere columns are available in a unique void sealing (WVS) hardware. If a void eventually forms at the top of the column bed, a simple hand tightening of the inlet fitting moves the frit assembly downwards and recompresses the packed bed, thus removing the void and restoring column efficiency. Large knurled end fittings allow ready hand tightening of the system. All WVS cartridge columns are shipped without end fittings and require end fitting kit, catalogue no. 4631-1001. This item can be interchanged with additional WVS columns.

For further technical information on Partisphere please contact our Technical Support team

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