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Hichrom Limited are pleased to announce we have acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture Vydac®, Alltima®, Alltima® HP, Prevail™, Apollo™, Allsep®, Apex™ and Genesis™ analytical HPLC column ranges from Grace/Alltech. Hichrom have now commenced manufacture of these columns to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and to identical specifications previously used by Grace/Alltech. Part numbers also remain unaffected by the acquisition.

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The following Grace/Alltech products are now available from Hichrom:


Bioseparations columns for peptide and protein analyses
(includes Vydac TP, Vydac 302 IC for ion chromatography,  Vydac MS, Vydac Everest and Vydac Denali)

Alltima HP

Premium quality, exceptionally stable columns, without phase bleed


High quality general purpose HPLC columns


Compatible with highly aqueous to highly organic mobile phase   

Ion Chromatography (IC)/Organic Acid/Carbohydrate Columns

(includes Allsep Anion, Hichrom Alltech Anion/S,  Hichrom Alltech Organic Acid,
Hichrom Alltech Anion Exclusion and Hichrom Alltech Carbohydrate Cation)


Range of phases for routine and legacy methods


Recommended for routine analyses


Recommended for routine analyses

Guard Cartridge Systems

Recommended for column protection


Please contact Hichrom for other Grace column brands not listed above, including:

  • Adsorbosil
  • Adsorbosphere
  • Allsphere 
  • Brava
  • Econosil
  • Econosphere 
  • Exsil
  • GraceSmart
  • Grom Sil
  • Grom Sapphire
  • Macrosphere
  • Platinum
  • ProSphere
  • VisionHT

For further technical information on Grace products contact our Technical Support Team