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Grace: Prevail

Prevail HPLC columns exhibit long column lifetime in both highly aqueous and highly organic mobile phases. All phases, apart from Prevail Carbohydrate ES are silica-based. The stability of these phases is such that a single column can be switched between highly aqueous for analysis of highly polar analytes and highly organic for strong retention of hydrophobic analytes.


The general features of Prevail include:

  • Stable from highly organic to highly aqueous
  • Speciality phases for specific applications
  • Excellent sensitivity with microbore and ELSD applications


Prevail phase specifications


size (um)

Chromatographic Properties



Prevail C18 Select

3, 5

Stable in highly aqueous to highly organic mobile phases

Same benefits as Prevail C18, but slightly more retentive


Prevail C18

3, 5

 Stable in highly aqueous to highly organic mobile phases

Flexibility to switch between varied mobile phase conditions to suit a variety of applications. Excellent sensitivity for microbore applications


Prevail C8

3, 5

Stable C8 phase

Use for highly hydrophobic compounds that retain too strongly on C18


Prevail Phenyl

3, 5

Lowest hydrophobic capacity

Selective for aromatic compounds in a variety of mobile phase conditions


Prevail Cyano

3, 5

General purpose cyano suitable for normal or reversed-phase use

Rugged normal phase applications


Prevail Amino

3, 5

Stable in highly aqueous to highly organic mobile phases

Use for carbohydrates or as a weak anion exchanger


Prevail Silica

3, 5

Highly polar phase

General purpose normal phase applications


Prevail Organic Acid

3, 5

Highly efficient silica-based, acid-stable phase

Separates common organic acids with unsurpassed resolution, speed and sensitivity. Lower cost than polymeric columns


Prevail Carbohydrate ES


Extremely stable hybrid phase

Excellent for mono- and oligosaccharides and sugar alcohols


Prevail Amide


Polar embedded phase

Suitable for use with highly aqueous mobile phases



Prevail Organic Acid (OA) columns:

are silica-based for maximum efficiency and high resolution. They can separate common organic acids with a combination of speed, sensitivity and simplicity. A simple acidic phosphate buffer and a Prevail OA column at ambient temperature will separate 11 short chain organic acids in less than 6 minutes. Column selectivity can be readily adjusted by changing pH.

Prevail Carbohydrate ES:

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Further technical information:

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