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Grace: Alltima

Alltima HPLC columns are high quality phases designed for general purpose applications.

The general features of Alltima include:

  • Base deactivated silica phases
  • Stable bonding for long column lifetime
  • Multiple selectivity options


 Phase Specifications

Alltima Phase

Particle Size (um)

Chromatographic Properties 


 USP Code

Alltima C18

3, 5, 10

Classic reversed-phase retention and selectivity

High quality hydrophobic general purpose C18


Alltima C18 LL


Lower carbon load than traditional Alltima C18

Reversed-phase applications that require a less hydrophobic C18 phase


Alltima C8

3, 5

Lower capacity compared to C18 phases

Reversed-phase applications where C18 is too retentive


Alltima Phenyl

3, 5

Less hydrophobic than C18 phase

Selective for aromatic compounds


Alltima Cyano

3, 5

General purpose cyano suitable for normal or reversed-phase use

Rugged normal phase applications


Alltima Amino

3, 5

General purpose amino suitable for normal or reversed-phase use

Use for carbohydrate analysis or as a weak anion exchanger


Alltima Silica

3, 5, 10

Highly polar phase

General purpose normal phase applications



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