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Chiral Technologies / Daicel


Chiral Technologies, a subsidiary of Daicel Corporation, offers the complete range of Daicel chiral separation products. They have the largest portfolio of chiral stationary phases currently available, including columns for HPLC, SFC and SMB. As the original developer of polysaccharide phases (CHIRALPAK and CHIRALCEL), they have the largest range of coated phases, in addition to the newer more robust immobilised phases.

Chiral Technologies also have ranges of protein-based, crown ether and ion-exchange phases. Columns from microbore to preparative dimensions can be supplied, allowing smooth transition from laboratory to development, to pilot plant and production.

Chiral Technologies offer a screening service in both HPLC and SFC to help method development of customers’ racemic chiral molecules.



Chiral Technologies products:


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