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Chiral Technologies: CHIRALPAK

CHIRALPAK protein based phases

CHIRALPAK AGP, CBH and HSA are protein based chiral phases, in which the protein is immobilised on 5um porous spherical silica particles. These phases were initially developed and manufactured by ChromTech Ltd and referred to as CHIRAL-AGP, CHIRAL-CBH and CHIRAL-HSA.


CHIRALPAK AGP shows extremely broad applicability, separating a wide range of compound types, including amines, acids and nonprotolytes (amides, esters and alcohols).


CHIRALPAK CBH has a narrower applicability, preferentially separating compounds containing one or more nitrogen atoms together with one or more hydrogen accepting or donating groups, and is particularly suited for the analysis of basic drugs.


CHIRALPAK HSA is also more suitable for specific applications, particularly weak and strong acids.


These protein based columns function in reversed-phase mode, using buffers with low organic content and at moderate pH. Analytes are retained on these phases by a combination of ionic binding, hydrophobic interaction and hydrogen bonding. Consequently, separations are affected by pH and the nature and concentration of aqueous buffer and organic modifier.

CHIRALPAK protein based material specifications:

PhaseChiral selectorParticle size
CHIRALPAK AGP α1-acid glycoprotein 5 Most compound types – amines, acids, alcohols, amides, esters, sulphoxides
CHIRALPAK CBH Cellobiohydrolase 5 Nitrogen-containing compounds also containing alcohol, phenol, carbonyl, amide, ether or ester group(s)
CHIRALPAK HSA Human serum albumin 5 Weak and strong acids, zwitterionic and non-protolytic compounds


CHIRALPAK protein based materials method development:


ParameterTypical conditionsEffect of varying parameter
pH 4 - 7 Variable
Buffer Phosphate or acetate (0.01 – 0.1M) Increase in buffer concentration can increase retention and enantioselectivity
Organic solvent Propan-2-ol, acetonitrile, methanol (0 – 15%) Selection of solvent strongly affects enantioselectivity. Higher organic solvent ratios reduce retention time for each phase. For both CHIRALPAK AGP and HSA columns, enantioselectivity is simultaneously reduced, whilst for CHIRALPAK CBH columns it is often increased


CHIRALPAK AGP and CHIRALPAK HSA protein based columns can also be used for drug-plasma protein binding studies, as an aid to predicting pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of pharmaceutical compounds.


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