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Chiral Technologies: CHIRALPAK


CHIRALPAK anion exchange phases


CHIRALPAK QN-AX and QD-AX are 5um enantioselective weak anion-exchange columns, based on complementary stereoisomeric quinine (QN) and quinidine (QD) derivatives. Due to their pseudo enantiomeric character they usually reveal reversed elution order for opposite enantiomers.


These phases are designed specifically for enantioselective HPLC of chiral acids and show exceptional separation capabilities for acidic chiral compounds containing carboxylic, phosphonic, phosphinic, phosphoric or sulphonic acid groups. In some cases, weakly acidic compounds, such as phenols can also be separated.


CHIRALPAK QN-AX and QD-AX can be used in reversed-phase or polar organic modes. The separation of chiral basic and neutral compounds may also be possible, but usually under normal-phase conditions, when the phases behave like standard Pirkle type phases.




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