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Chiral Technologies: CHIRALPAK


Daicel CHIRALPAK columns from Chiral Technologies comprise a number of different classes of chiral phases, to cover a wide range of chiral applications.


  • CHIRALPAK immobilised phases (IA, IB, IC, ID, IE and IF) are a newer generation of polysaccharide phases, in which the amylose or cellulose chiral selector has been immobilised on to a wide pore silica matrix. This enables a wider range of solvents to be used as eluents without compromising phase stability.


  • CHIRALPAK coated amylose phases are the predecessors to immobilised phases -  these, and the CHIRALCEL phases, are the most widely referenced chiral phases. CHIRALPAK coated phases have restricted solvent compatibility compared to the newer immobilised phases, due to the solubility of the polymer coating in certain solvents.In addition to the well established CHIRALPAK AD and AS phases, the newer AY and AZ phases contain significantly different chiral selectors and exhibit alternative selectivity


  • CHIRALPAK AGP, CBH and HSA are protein based phases, in which the protein is immobilised on to 5um porous spherical silica particles. These columns function in reversed-phase mode, using buffers with low organic content and at moderate pH.


  • CHIRALPAK QN-AX and QD-AX are weak anion-exchange columns designed for the HPLC separation of chiral acids.


  • CHIRALPAK ZWIX phases are immobilised zwitterionic stationary phases incorporating both anion- and cation-exchange functional groups. They exhibit stereoselectivity for zwitterionic molecules, such as underivatised amino acids and peptides.


  • CHIRALPAK MA(+) and CHIRALPAK WH are ligand exchange chiral columns, consisting of amino acids and their derivatives coated on to silica supports. They are used in conjunction with an aqueous CuSO4 eluent and are useful for the separation of amino acids and their derivatives. 


  • CHIRALPAK immobilised and CHIRALPAK and CHIRALCEL coated phases are available for SFC applications.

CHIRALPAK technical information:

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  • CHIRALPAK coated phases
  • CHIRALPAK immobilised phases
  • CHIRALPAK ligand exchange phases
  • CHIRALPAK protein based phases
  • CHIRALPAK and CHIRALCEL columns for SFC
  • CHIRALPAK zwitterionic phases
  • Catalogue information on CHIRALPAK phases


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