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AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB, Separation Products group is based in Sweden and manufactures the well-established Kromasil product line of HPLC materials and columns. AkzoNobel is a global company at the forefront of separation product technology. With over 25 Srs in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, clinical and environmental industries. Kromasil columns are widely used in HPLC and SFC and are particularly accepted for their robust qualities in preparative scale separations.



Products within the Kromasil range include:


wide range of 60 and 100A bonded phases


300A phases for biomolecule separations

organic/inorganic silica phases with wide pH range

polysaccharide coated phases for chiral separations     

4 bonded phases for achiral SFC

solid core Kromasil Classic phase columns

solid core Kromasil Eternity phase columns

Available Literature:

  • New Kromasil Catalogue/Guide

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