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Advanced Materials Technology

Advanced Materials Technology is an innovative product development and manufacturing company focused on improving materials to enable scientists to achieve more efficient and effective chromatographic separations. Founder members of the company include Jack Kirkland who has been serving the chromatography community for many years and has vast experience in developing new products and manufacturing well known column brands. This experience led to the creation of the Advanced Materials Technology company and their commitment to solving problems associated with difficult applications.
Advanced Materials Technology are specifically known for their innovative Fused-Core technology, producing ‘superficially porous' or ‘core shell' particle HALO columns.

The HALO family currently consists of the following product ranges:

HALO Phases - original range of 2.7µm Fused-Core phases

HALO-5 Phases - range of 4.6µm Fused-Core phases

HALO 2 Phases - range of 2µm Fused-Core phases

HALO BioClass Phases - 160A and 400A pore size for separations of peptides and proteins

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