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HALO BioClass

HALO BioClass columns are packed with ‘core-shell' type particles based on Advanced Chromatography Technologies' Fused-Core technology. HALO Peptide and HALO Protein columns are specifically designed for fast, high resolution separation of peptides and proteins. All HALO BioClass columns are compatible with MS friendly mobile phases and offer excellent column durability, with maximum operating temperatures up to 90°C. The low back pressure of these columns enables them to be used with either UHPLC or conventional HPLC instrumentation.

  • Fused-Core columns for protein, peptide and oligosaccharide separations
  • High resolution and high peak capacity
  • Low back pressure
  • Fast, reliable separations
  • Use with UHPLC or HPLC equipment

HALO BioClass Phase Specifications

HALO BioClass PhaseParticle size (um) Pore size (A) Surface area (m2/g) Carbon load(%)Endcapped pH RangeUSP code
Peptide ES-C18
2.7, 4.6
16080, 60
4.6, 4.0No1 - 8
Peptide ES-CN
2.7, 4.6
16080, 60
2.0, 1.5Yes1 - 8
Protein ES-C18
3.4400151.0Yes1 - 9
Protein C4
3.4400150.4Yes2 - 9
2.7901353.2No2 - 9

HALO BioClass columns with i.d.s from 0.075mm to 10mm are available.

HALO Peptide columns (160A) are recommended for peptides up to 5-10kDa. They are available with particle sizes of 2.7um (0.5um shell) and 4.6um (0.6um shell) and with ES-C18 and ES-CN bonding. The Extra Stable (ES) bonding chemistry with the use of steric-protected ligands ensures rugged and efficient separations. The ligand in HALO Peptide ES-C18 is diisobutyloctadecylsilane and that in HALO Peptide ES-CN is diisopropylcyanopropylsilane.

This chromatogram illustrates the high speed separation of 9 peptides and 2 proteins in less than a minute with HALO Peptide C18 (2.7um)

HALO Protein columns (400A) are recommended for proteins and polypeptides in the range 2kDa up to 500kDa. HALO Protein ES-C18 and Protein C4 are based on a 3.4um particle with a thin (0.2um) porous silica shell having pores of 400A.

HALO Glycan is specifically designed for the separation of highly polar oligosaccharides and in particular protein-linked glycans and glycopeptides by HILIC. The phase consists of a highly polar pentahydroxy ligand attached to the 2.7μm Fused-Core silica particle via novel proprietary linkage chemistry. HALO Glycan particles have a surface area of ~ 135 m2/g and an average pore size of 90A.


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