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Special Offer 2

50% off any HALO Peptide Phenyl-Hexyl or HALO AQ-C18 column for a limited period

Advanced Materials Technology (AMT) have launched two new advanced LC columns for your LC separation toolbox:

HALO Peptide Phenyl-Hexyl & HALO AQ-C18

a) HALO Peptide Phenyl-Hexyl 
offers fast, high-resolution separations of peptides and protein digests and alternative selectivity to HALO Peptide ES-C18 and HALO Peptide ES-CN.

b) HALO AQ-C18 offers 100% aqueous mobile phase compatibility and alternative selectivity compared to other C18  phases     including enhanced retention of polar compounds.

Try any HALO Peptide Phenyl-Hexyl or HALO AQ-C18 column before 31st December and receive a 50% discount! Right now is an excellent time to experience the unique features and advantages offered by these new columns.

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