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Making good UHPLC column connections

ACE UHPLC Reusable Column Connectors

High resolution UHPLC systems are extremely sensitive to the introduction of extra column volume (dead volume), which will adversely affect your chromatography. Therefore, when installing any UHPLC column, it is vital to make a good connection between the column and the UHPLC.

To download information on UHPLC connectors: "Making Good Connections" flyer

    • Compact, one-piece, easy to use connector
    • Pressure rated to 25,000psi (1,720 bar)
    • Usable at elevated temperatures (up to 100°C)
    • Fits all brands of UHPLC columns
    • Fits virtually all manufacturers' UHPLC systems
    • Reusable, non-permanent swaging design

    ACE reusable UHPLC column connectors ensure that a good UHPLC connection is made every time. Furthermore, they incorporate a reusable "non-swaging" design which protects your valuable equipment and provides at least 10 "fresh" connections with every connector. ACE UHPLC reusable column connectors are suitable for use with 1/16" OD tubing and are pressure rated to 25,000psi (1,720 bar). They are suitable for use at elevated temperatures up to 100°C.

    ACE Torque Wrench:

    For optimum connector lifetime and to avoid the risk of permanent swaging of the connector to the tubing by over tightening, the use of an ACE Torque Wrench p/n EXL-TW is required. The ACE Torque Wrench (p/n EXL-TW) delivers exactly the required tightening torque to produce a good UHPLC seal, without the risk of over tightening.

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