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A C18 bonded phase with Unique Selectivity: ACE C18-AR

ACE C18-AR Technical Information
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Explore ACE C18-AR: a C18 bonded phase with unique selectivity

The key features of ACE C18-AR include:

  • Alternate selectivity to "standard" C18 columns - additionally recommended for compounds with aromatic functionality
  • Ultra inert, ultra high purity silica, for excellent peak shape and reproducibility
  • Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases to enable the retention and separation of polar compounds
  • Exceptional bonded phase stability for elevated temperature applications
  • Availability in high throughput column dimensions

Material Characteristics

Phase  Functional Group Encapped Particle Size (μm)Pore Size (Å) Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Load (%) Maximum pH Range
C18-ARProprietary octadecyl with hydrophobic & aromatic "mixed-mode" interactionyes3, 5, 1010030015.51.5-10.0
C18Octadecylyes3, 5, 1010030015.51.5-10.0
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