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YMC Columns and Silica

YMC analytical and semi-preparative columns

for YMC-Triart C18 

YMC have over 25 years experience of supplying high quality, high purity, reproducible pre-packed analytical and semi-preparative HPLC columns with worldwide availability. With over 28 different chemistries, with alternative pore sizes, available in 1.9-10µm particle sizes in sub 1mm to 50mm id columns, the YMC selectivity is unsurpassable.

YMC bulk media and preparative columns

YMC also supply a wide range of chemistries which are fully scaleable from their analytical counterparts, with particle sizes of 10 – 150µm and alternative porosities, either as bulk materials or as pre-packed columns from 4.6 to 200mm id.
YMC’s experience in manufacturing high quality, bonded phases has resulted in its reputation for the supply of consistently premium quality, highly reproducible HPLC media and columns. To maintain this high level of quality all YMC products have to pass stringent internal performance criteria at every stage of manufacture. These rigorous quality control procedures and tight production specifications guarantee reproducible separation results time after time, year after year.
From their European Technical Centre in Dinslaken, YMC provide Hichrom with quality products and technical support from a close network of specialists in all aspects of chromatography.

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